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Skills and training for businesses in the emerging economy

10 Jun 2020
As the country slowly re-builds its economy safely, skills and training for businesses is going to be an important part of the recovery process.

History tells us that young people are often hit the hardest during times of austerity, therefore it is imperative that we ensure our young people are not left behind. In addition, employers are having to look at any skills gaps within their organisation as they move to a new way of working.

This webinar, hosted by John Quinton-Barber, Founder and Group Chief Executive at Social, with guests Nikki Birley, Director of Human Resources at Corner Stone Limited, Dawn Duggan, People, Skills and Talent Lead at GC Business Growth Hub and Cathy Broderick, Operations Director at GC Education and Skills, will provide your business with insights into how training and skills has been impacted during the pandemic and the practical steps your business can take to support recovery. Topics covered include:

  • Working remotely in the long term
  • Developing training programmes for staff
  • Childcare and schooling
  • Supporting apprentices now and in the future
  • Financial support for staff retraining
  • Going it alone - what you need to know to start up

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