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Sofia Yakoob's Engineering Journey with GC Lands her an apprenticeship with Mettler Toledo

22 Jun 2022

As we approach International Women in Engineering Day, we had a sit down with Sofia Yakoob, who enrolled with the Growth Company on a Level 2 Engineering Study Programme on the 15th of September 2020. From August 2021 Sofia has been on a Level 3 Apprenticeship with METTLER TOLEDO a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing.

Why did you choose to study with The Growth Company?

I began my Level 2 after leaving high school, I was unsure of what career path was for me. I was then offered my current job at Mettler Toledo Safe line via Growth company. It was also the nearest skill centre which provided an engineering course. With the support of the Growth Company, I started to apply for apprenticeships, I was delighted to have been successful and offered a job at Mettler Toledo Safe line.

Have you faced any challenges that the Growth Company have helped you overcome?

The biggest challenge that I have faced is Covid -19, because of the pandemic, I was unable to sit my exams and missed out on face-to-face learning. When I left school, I thought that there wouldn’t be many opportunities out there for me however, I was wrong, the Growth Company offered me a place on the Study Programme which has now led to me being on an apprenticeship.

What specific support do the Growth Company provide?

I receive so much support from the staff at the SkillCentre in Trafford Park, SkillCentre Support Manager, Wendy Marsden continually checks on my wellbeing, and I feel that I can easily discuss any concerns or worries with her. Whilst on my Study Programme I received lots of support from the Resources, Sue and Satvir, they helped me to create my CV and personal statement, discussed opportunities that were available to me and helped me to secure my apprenticeship.

Would you recommend the Growth Company?

I really would recommend the Growth Company as the support I received has helped me land a role in the industry I wanted to get into. The tutors are always there when needed and without their supervision and guidance, I wouldn’t have gotten onto a Level 3 apprenticeship.

Sofia’s Employer, Mettler-Toledo Safeline LTD, told us about Sofia: We have recruited in the past from other companies but as Sofia has been in the Growth Company for nearly a year before joining us, as she had some training before joining you could see confidence and the maturity that she had gained. Sofia is excelling in her training and studies and will become a bright young professional and one to watch in the future.

We’re so happy for Sofia and her success and hard work. If, like Sofia you’re looking to get into an engineering role yourself, take a look at some of the courses and apprenticeships we offer here at Education and Skills, from Level 2 to Level 4.