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Supporting you with digital learning during lockdown

28 Apr 2020
Given the UK’s current lockdown situation, face-to-face learning is, of course, suspended for the foreseeable future. Here at GC Education & Skills, we didn’t want your progress to be halted by the implications of the pandemic, so we quickly adapted and began to deliver our services digitally.

We’re pleased to say that all our learning programmes – included apprenticeships, Higher Education courses and study programmes – are now being delivered via itslearning. itslearning is a leading online platform for virtual education, where you can access resources, be taught virtually by your tutor and submit your work digitally.

Overcoming challenges

One of the main challenges we’ve faced since introducing digital delivery is ensuring that End Point Assessments (EPAs) can still take place virtually. With some apprenticeships, the EPA needs to take place on-the-job, however we’re working hard to discuss options with EPA providers to try and find a digital solution for all our apprenticeship programmes.

Reassuring our learners

Some of you had initial concerns over how lockdown would impact your learning, but we were keen to reassure you that their progress wouldn’t be affected – as long as you continue to complete work at home and record this as part of your off-the-job training. Your achievement also won’t be affected if your place of work due temporarily closes down as a result of the pandemic.

Our skills coaches are working remotely, and are on-hand to set work, provide feedback and mark tasks. They’re also communicating regularly with all students via email, phone and itslearning to provide support and keep you on track with their study.

As a business, we’re continuing to follow the latest government advice, and will notify you of any changes which impact you as and when they happen. In the meantime, we will push on with our digital delivery and do everything we can to help you achieve your qualifications during these challenging times.

If you require any additional support with access to your work including logging into itslearning, please contact your tutor or email