Taking on new challenges with a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

13 Sep 2021

Lindsay Smith started working in the commercial property industry after completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship. After 15 years, Lindsay was ready for a new challenge in a new sector, to apply the skills and knowledge gained in her previous employment - which led her to join the Growth Company.

Lindsay saw an internal advertisement offering the opportunity to apply for a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship delivered by the Growth Company in partnership with the University of Bolton. Lindsay applied and was successful.

Prior to the pandemic, Lindsay could physically see many of the tutors daily within the office, who would be more than happy to help or answer any of the questions she had. Tutors are available and accessible to all students regularly to help you with any module or assignment queries.

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly affected Lindsay’s ability to manage and complete her day-to-day job, university course, and role as a mother. Having two small children, one of school age and one of nursery age, Lindsay was single-handedly caring for them while attempting to navigate home school, completing her work and university commitments.

Justifiably, Lindsay struggled to complete one of her modules by the set deadline. However, with the help and support of her Tutor Gemma Unwin, Line Manager Paul Simpson, and the exam board, mitigating circumstances were accepted. This allowed her to receive an extended deadline, which aligned with Lindsay’s children returning to their education setting, giving her the extra time to complete the module.

Paul Simpson, Chief Financial Officer at the Growth Company said: “Lindsay has my full admiration. I know that she, like thousands of others, have had to balance childcare, home schooling and work over the past 18 months and she also has had, of course, to continue with her studies. She has always remained positive and enthusiastic though, I know there have been many times when this has been a huge challenge. I feel extremely fortunate to have other colleagues in my team who have been very supportive to Lindsay – it has been a real team effort, but it is not just one way. Lindsay has also been hugely supportive to them, and me, during the last 18 months. She has been a credit to the team!”

Lindsey said: “I have nothing but praise for the Growth Company and all the tutors involved in my degree and couldn't recommend them enough. I also have an incredibly supportive line manager and senior leadership team who will help in any way needed in my journey to completing my degree. This course has enhanced my leadership skills and helped me approach new tasks or projects strategically. The commitment and work involved within a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship should not be underestimated. However, the support and guidance provided by the Growth Company is immense and does make you feel like you can achieve this even when you are facing your biggest challenges.”

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