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Travel offer extended for Manchester apprentices

06 Dec 2018
Here’s some good news for apprentices across Greater Manchester, as TfGM has recently made some changes to its ‘Access to Apprentices’ offer.

As part of the scheme, apprentices used to be able to get 28 days’ free travel to help ease the financial pressure on them during the first month of their apprenticeship.

However, the offer has been extended, and apprentices can now be able to get 3 further months of discounted travel in addition to the free 28-day pass. We all know commuting can be costly, so this is a welcome change for both parents and students. The offer was officially launched on Monday 26 November so apprentices can now reap the benefits of discounted travel.

It’s hoped the programme will also encourage learners to make long-term sustainable travel choices to improve air quality and alleviate congestion across the city-region.

If you want to see how you can benefit from the scheme, contact your tutor for an application form or email

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