Recruiting for Social Care and Health

Seeing potential: widen your talent pool

When recruiting for social care and health having a caring and compassionate person is a priority for all employers. However, at the Growth Company we understand that some people face barriers to entering work, and not everyone has the up-to-date experience and qualifications to support them. However, by taking an open approach to your recruitment you can recruit people from all kinds of backgrounds. This approach can open your business to a variety of benefits including a wide range of:

  • Diverse skills
  • Experiences
  • Perspectives
  • Ideas to your workforce

In turn this can benefit your organisation, existing workforce and, most importantly, the people that access your services.

Employer Testimonial
"I came onto the programme looking for a work placement, support and job opportunities. Returning to employment is a challenge within itself but the support I received from Skills for Care helped me gain full understanding of the opportunities and training available." - Delta Care

How we can help

At the Growth Company we work with a wide variety of people who possess the values for working within social care and health. They have completed or are currently in process of completing a Level 1 Preparing to Work in Care programme, meaning you can be assured of their dedication to working within the industry.

Supporting hard-to-reach people to kick-start their career in care

Find out more about the work we do to help people with a genuine passion for care to find work, regardless of their past or background.

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