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Skills Bootcamp in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing and Content Creation

This 10-week Skills Bootcamp has been designed to equip you with industry knowledge and transferable skills within a new and fresh marketing and content creation area.
10 weeks
Online Learning

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to a guaranteed interview with a local employer.

Did you know that AI can save a small business money and increase its profitability and if you are unemployed and you need a CV – AI will do that for you too!

When does the course start?

Multiple start dates throughout 2023-2024 - Please enquire.

What does the course cover?
  • Creating Content using AI tools
  • Chat GPT
  • New Google trends
  • Synthesia & Speechify
  • Video editing and voice overs using AI
  • Creating presentations using AI
  • Time-saving using AI
  • Create your new CV using AI
  • Trend blog posts
  • Creating music and images
  • Metaverse


Week 1: Introduction to AR and VR

  • Overview of AR and VR technologies
  • Understanding the potential impact of AR and VR in marketing
  • AR and VR use cases in marketing, e.g., product visualization, virtual events, brand experiences


Week 2: Setting up an AR Experience

  • Understanding AR development tools, e.g., Unity, A-Frame
  • Creating a basic AR experience using AR development tools
  • Integrating AR experiences into marketing campaigns (create an overlay, frame) – look for filter-type tools


Week 3: Creating VR Content for Marketing

  • Understanding VR development tools, e.g., Unity, A-Frame
  • Understanding a basic VR experience using VR development tools
  • Integrating VR experiences into marketing campaigns – use Google cardboard/other headsets to use


Week 4: AI for Marketing

  • Understanding the basics of AI, including machine learning and deep learning
  • AI applications in marketing, e.g., personalisation, recommendation systems, sentiment analysis – SEO, creating content (blogs, video, images) – plagiarism free, keyword density, keyword inclusion, tone of voice language, social media content. Create marketing plans & schedules, content calendar et al – Plan B would be to use alternative platforms like Jounce.AI or an API controlled platform connecting to Chat GPT
  • Overview of AI development tools, e.g., TensorFlow, Google AI Platform – draw with Google


Week 5: AI for Customer Segmentation

  • Understanding customer segmentation and its importance in marketing
  • Using AI to segment customers based on demographics and behaviour
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of AI-powered customer segmentation – look at tools

Week 6: AI for Predictive Marketing

  • Understanding predictive marketing and its importance in marketing
  • Using AI to predict customer behaviour and preferences
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of AI-powered predictive marketing
  • What is the Metaverse, web3.0, Virtual and Augmented reality


Week 7: AI for Personalisation

  • Understanding the importance of personalisation in marketing
  • AI for personalisation
  • Understanding the importance of personalisation in marketing
  • Using AI to personalize customer interactions and experiences, e.g., website content, email campaigns, product recommendations
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of AI-powered personalisation


Week 8: Integrating AR, VR, and AI into Marketing Campaigns

  • Understanding how AR, VR, and AI can be integrated into marketing campaigns
  • Planning and executing a marketing campaign that uses AR, VR, and AI technologies
  • Evaluating the impact and effectiveness of AR, VR, and AI in marketing campaigns


Week 9: The Future of AR, VR, and AI in Marketing

  • Understanding the current trends and future possibilities of AR, VR, and AI in marketing
  • Discussing the ethical and privacy implications of AR, VR, and AI in marketing
  • Exploring opportunities for continued learning and development in AR, VR, and AI for marketing
What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements for these qualifications. Prior to enrolment, you will complete an assessment, the outcome of the assessment will decide which level you will be enrolled on to.


When will I attend?

Attendance is required Mondays and Tuesdays 9:30am - 4:30pm.

Fully Funded Entry Criteria

Our Skills Bootcamps are fully funded for anyone aged 19+ who:

  • Lives in Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Has the right to live and work in the UK
  • Is employed, unemployed or self-employed

Skills Bootcamps are also fully funded to serving prisoners due to be released within 6 months of completion of a Skills Bootcamp or those on temporary release.

What will I achieve?
  • Certificate of completion
  • Guaranteed job interview with local employer
  • Application interview support