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Cassie’s Journey with GC Earns her a 1st Class Honours Degree and Career Growth Opportunities

25 Mar 2022

Cassie Leigh Hodson-Ridgway completed her Level 2 and 3 Business Administration apprenticeships and decided she wanted to further her education with a degree. Cassie completed her Foundation Degree in Business Management before topping it up with a full degree, delivered by the Growth Company in partnership with the University of Bolton. Since then, she has been able to work her way up from her first job as Office Junior all the way to a Practice Assistant in a global law firm.

Speaking of her reason for getting in touch with us, Cassie said: “I approached the Growth Company (GC) because I liked the idea of learning whilst earning. The Growth Company allowed me to take on a full-time job, and still pursue my degree in the evenings. As I did not gain any A-Levels because of the path I went down it was hard for me to apply to universities. The Growth Company, however, did not let this stop me.”

Cassie tells us about the support she received whilst with us, saying: “The Growth Company supported me by having tutors on hand via email and phone providing the resources I needed to complete my degree and supporting me in general by offering moral support and saving me from going insane! Working full time and completing a degree is extremely stressful but they made it much more achievable.”

With the experience and degree earned, Cassie reflects on how her life has been shaped positively: “This experience has impacted my life massively. I have learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to and have learnt to never give up, even in the most difficult circumstances! The Growth Company has definitely left a positive impact on my life which I will treasure.”

Cassie recommends the support and help from GC, stating “they really did allow me to grow as a person!”

Well done Cassie on achieving your1st Class Honours Degree in Business Management and securing promotion in employment!